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Frequently Asked Questions

For many years we have personally grown the peppers we use to make our spices. As the business has developed, time available to be in the field has greatly diminished. In 2022 we began partnering with local growers and distributors in the east Tennessee region to provide us with the vine-ripened fresh peppers we use to make our premium spices.
We manufacture our spice in house. We process our fresh peppers and other spices by smoking, dehydrating, and grinding them into spice. We then mix our spices with other bulk Certified Organic spices to create our unique flavors.
Yes we are. We operate in the state of Tennessee and are inspected by both the TN Department of Agriculture and the FDA.
No they are not. The peppers we source are not grown on a Certified Organic farm. However, our rub and seasoning blends do contain a large percentage of other Certified Organic ingredients.
Yes they are. We do not use any anticaking agents in our spices. Anticaking agents such as corn starch or flour that contain gluten are commonly added to spices to prevent caking. We do not use any ingredients that contain gluten.

Yes we do. We have many Sodium-Free options that you can find HERE.

2 to 3 years. Depending on how the spice is stored, it can hold it’s flavor and aroma for a very long time.
Store the spice in a cool, dry place away from light. A pantry or kitchen cabinet away from the stove are good places. Light, heat, and moisture will lessen the life of your spice.
They help to prevent your spice from caking and clumping. Adding a few beans to each jar will help to wick any moisture and keep your spice fresh for longer.

Yes we do. Please contact us to discuss your needs. wholesale@smokyspices.com

Other Questions?

If you have questions that you cannot find the answer for here. Feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to help!

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Steps to receive your refund or exchange:

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  • Print the prepaid return shipping label that you will receive by email
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    Feel free to contact us with any questions. support@smokyspices.com